Prince George's County Section, NCNW, Inc. Executive Officers

(Left to Right) Dolores M. Tilghman, President; Loretta Tillery, 1st Vice President; Gerry Eggleston, Treasurer; Betty S. Griffin, 2nd Vice President; and Danyale Corradi, Correspnding Secretary. Sandra Owens, Recording Secretary and Charlotte Simpson-Hopkins, Financial Secretary (not shown).

Councilmember Karen R. Toles, Prince George's County, District 7

Officiated the swearing in ceremony of the 2014-2016 Executive Officers. She gave each officer their charge and what is expected of them while serving in positions of leadership.

Section Meeting - Swearing In Ceremony

(Left to Right): The Honorable Gloria G. Lawlah, Maryland State’s Secretary of Aging; Section President Dolores M. Tilghman; and Councilwoman Karen R. Toles. Secretary Lawlah gave remarks about the importance of women organizations to have a voice in as well as support the on-going policies that are being made in legislation concerning the elderly.

13th Annual Prayer Breakfast

The attendees were blessed by the Reverend Zina C. Pierre of the Zina Pierre Ministries and Founder of the “Breaking Room”. She delivered a powerful message of “Dominion” and how it impacts upon the unity, strength and purpose of women today.

13th Annual Prayer Breakfast

The Vintage Saints Dance Ministry of the Union Wesley AME Church in Washington, DC thoroughly entertained the attendees and gave them a sense of nostalgia as they performed their dance rendition of how women worshiped in the early church, complete with hats, gloves and fans.

13th Annual Prayer Breakfast

Dorothy Boddie (center) of Lanham, MD, is the first recipient of the Section’s “Bethune-Funn Legacy Award” for outstanding service to women, children and families in Prince George’s County. Annette Funn (left), the Section’s Founder, presented the Award. Shown on the right is the Section President Dolores Tilghman.

Education Committee - Father and Son Dinner

Left to Right: Minister Milton D. Harris, First Baptist Church, District Heights, MD, Guest Speaker; Falicia M. McMillian, M.Ed., Principal, North Forestville Elementary School; and Sarah Johnson, the Section’s Education Committee Chair. Minister Harris spoke on “What You See — Is What You Will Be”.

Education Committee - Literacy Program

Ms. Lakesia Brown, Instructional Lead Teacher (Literacy) of North Forestville Elementary School, introduces the students to the Literacy Program volunteers in their first reading session called the “Lunch Buddies”.

Message From The President

presidentphotoWelcome to the website of the Prince George’s County Section of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. 

Please review the links of this website.  We particularly want you to visit the updates on Section programs, meetings, special events, and the image gallery.  If you have comments and/or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

If you reside in the Prince George’s County community area, please consider becoming an active member.  Your continued support in providing financial contributions, in-kind donations, and/or volunteer services have enabled this Section to make a difference in the lives of many  women, children and families living in the Prince George’s County community.

I hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for your interest in the Prince George’s County Section of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc.

Respectfully yours,

Dolores M. Tilghman

Section President

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Mary Mcleod Bethune

NCNW Founder

Mary McLeod Bethune
July 10, 1875 – May 18, 1955
Dorothy Height

NCNW President Emerita

Dr. Dorothy I. Height
March 24, 1912 – April 20, 2010
Ingrid Saunders Jones

NCNW National Chair

Ingrid Saunders Jones
December 27, 1945 – 

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Become involved with an organization that is committed to women issues and gives back to the community! The Prince George’s County Section of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. is that organization. This Section supports and promotes the programs of National Headquarters and develops and/or sponsors specific educational and charitable projects impacting on women and families residing in the Prince George’s County community.

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The Prince George’s County Section of the National Council of Negro Women is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all women and families residing in the Prince George’s County community.

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